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Jainson Group started its industrial activity on a minuscule scale during the critical stage of manufacturing metal components for electrical industries. Customer statisfaction was the catchword in the industrial philosophy by group.

Continued support from the customer & equal reciprocation by group,  by way of maintaining high level of customer satisfaction , saw the group maintain a sustained progress in all its activities.

With liberalization of economy and globalization of engineering industry, potential market for Cable Accessories has shown upward trend. This has motivated us at jainson group to introduce new product like Cable Terminal Ends, Crimping Tools, Cable Glans, Rotary Switches, Clip on Terminal Blocks, Plug & Sockets, Main Switches & so many in the market. These products have been well  accepted by our customer.

Jainson takes pride in its commitment to maintain leadership in manufacturing of Cable Terminal Ends & Crimping Tools by providing services through 210 Dealers and 1000 OEMS. The journey for the group from manufacturing Metal components for electrical industries to wide range of switchgear products has been very enterprising, statisfying, motivating & fruitful. As a new venture we have diversified into manufacturing PVC cable duct i.e. channels and HRC Fuse.

Entry of global player into the field of manufacturing electrical components in India would make journey for the group very competitive, innovation, imagination in the field of industrial manufacturing, management would be the key word to face the international competition.
Jainson is ready for such challenges. God willing group will come will come winners in the years to come. As a step forward we have obtained ISO 9001-2000 certification & CE approval.